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A Series by Travis Matthews

Travis Matthews is a portrait and fashion photographer born in Georgetown, Guyana, South America, currently based in NYC.

Describe Adot and what inspired you to pursue this photo series.
This series everything came together quite well. It wasn’t planned out at all. I was thrifting one day and I randomly came across the hat, and another day I was thrifting again I came across the pink blazer. I just knew these two pieces will be a solid starting point of a nice story. So I sent the pieces to the stylist, Brea, and she right away put together the missing pieces to complete the story, including the model. I have always wanted to shoot at Coney Island so I thought it would be an interesting location to create around.

What was your general creative process in undertaking this series? 

My creative process was very simple and free, when I got there I scouted some specific areas that would coordinate well with the outfits. I told the model to do what she feeling most natural and comfortable, and I will capture it. 

Were there any hardships or challenges leading to the project? If so, how were you able to overcome it and capture what you envisioned?

My memory card actually somehow broke into pieces, but I had a phone memory card and an SD card adapter, which was so random but none the less a blessing. I also had just decided to get into film photography and I was testing out a roll of film and a camera. When I got the film shots back I fell in love with film. 


Are there any projects you are currently working on? What are your hopes for your future work?
I am currently working on a cornrow project where I document 100+ women and the stories behind their cornrows.

 My hopes for my future work is that it every picture I put out inspires at least one person in the slightest way, so they will be motivated to create their own work and put it out, and possibly inspire someone else, so there can be a positive cycle of good creative vibrations to make the world a better place.


Stylist: Brea Pipkins @littlebreathatcould
Model: Adot Gak

To see more of Travis’ work, check out his Instagram and website.

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