Huis Clos | Kathleen Meier


Huis Clos

By Kathleen Meier


Kathleen Meier was born in 1992.  She is a french artist using the photographic medium.
In 2014 she was graduated to the artistic school Ecoles de Condé Nancy with a special mention from the jury for her work on the narrative potential in fine art photography.
Since then she uses photography to explore the human psychology. Through her subjects she reaches our mental activity, brings out our feelings, forces us to face our fears and desires. She appeals our imagination so that everyone have a full part to play in her work.
In 2015, she releases her first book ‘Hostilités sourdes’ at APR2 Publishing.



This is the human psychology that inspire me. In my series, the viewers have always a full part to play, I put them into given situations. In Huis Clos, I suggest an enclosed environment and what interest me is their feelings face to it and where their imagination will conduct them.
I do that work because I think we would benefit to have a better understanding of ourselves, of how our environment, education, culture and experiences lead our subconscious and our reaction.

As I said the series Huis Clos confronts us to a suggestive confinement. What happens in us when we are faced into a desperate situation ? What does we feel when we have no longer a connexion with the outside world ? The disorientation and the contact loss with the outside put us into a physical and mental isolation and can lead us in a conscious or subconscious way to modify, perhaps to alter, our relationship with the external reality.
This maze slowly conduct us into a mental discomfort.


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