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Henk Leijen

Powerful atmosphere, brightness and rest; these are the main characteristics of the work of photographer Henk Leijen.

He creates harmonic images, without losing himself in unnecessary detail or complexity. His work covers various fields such as architecture, interior design, lifestyle, fashion, travel and expeditions.
Henk makes free work and commissioned work. He listens to the client but will always be its own identity to add a picture.

The edit and manipulate digital photos is another activity with which he deals. Several pictures are digitally combined with each other and to abstract photo paintings "merged." With surprising results! 


Favorite movie, book, or song?

The largest wall in our house is filled with bookshelves, to pick one of them is impossible for me and that is the same for music everyday is different.


If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Maybe Iceland, but I prefer the Netherlands


Favorite place to shoot?

In landscape, architecture and floral photographs I can combine my creativity with the art of photographing itself.


My first camera was a …

Praktica and a Zensa Bronica ETRS


Describe your work in three words.

Powerful atmosphere, brightness and rest; these are the characteristics of my work. It is all about harmonic images, without losing myself in unnecessary detail or complexity.  

Favorite quote?

Keep close to yourself, don’t let failure or success get hard to you. 

When and how did your journey as an artist begin?

It all starts with photographing a lot, try new things and get inspired by others. However, try to find your own style and hold on to it. I realize this might be harder now a days as everything is online and there is already so many done in photography.

What camera(s) do you prefer to use?

Canon 5D Mark 4


What is your greatest source of inspiration?

The lines in the architecture, the details in objects and of course nature.

What artists in your field have influenced your work?

Man Ray, because of his experimental work and Ansel Adams for his impressive landscapes.


AUTUMN 1.jpg
AUTUMN 15.jpg

What is the most significant project you have worked on? Where did you find inspiration to pursue it?

That was for a photo wall in a parking garage in Utrecht. The wall was 2 meters high and 93 meters long, the collage consisted of images of Utrecht.

What general process do you undergo to produce your work?

For me a photograph is perfect when it is one, when all elements of the picture including objects and are a perfect fit together. Without being distracted by any unnecessary fuss.


See more of Henk's work on his website and Behance

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