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The Percentage

Ryan Eccleston

Ryan Eccleston is a Jamaican born Photographer/Filmmaker. He is an Alumnus of The Art
Institute Of Fort. Lauderdale. Where he studied Digital Filmmaking and Photography. He spent
most of his life traveling and living in several countries including Jamaica, U.S.A , Egypt and
Israel. Due to his father's job working with the United Nations. This nomadic childhood allowed
him to see and experience different cultures. This bred a curiosity in him. This curiosity informs
the way he approaches the subjects he wants to cover. In 2008 Eccleston moved to Ethiopia
where he worked for several years as a photographer and Consultant. During his time living in
Ethiopia. Eccleston traveled throughout English speaking East Africa. Much of Eccleston's work
deals with the issue of Identity and Legacy.

All In A Day's Work(Dire Dawa, Ethiopia).jpg
With a number of African Economies growing at a rapid pace annually. And more people moving from the rural to the urban. Words like GDP, Annual Report, Rate etc. get thrown around. But through these numbers, abbreviations and percentages. There are lives that need to be lived by everyday people doing everyday things. And sometimes these things feel like worlds apart. People and Percentages.

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