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With Cesar Cordero 

"Hola! mi nombre es Cesar Cordero y estoy basado en Costa Rica. No soy
fotógrafo profesional pero creo que me siento como un fotógrafo. No tengo fotos
de mi persona en Instagram porque no me interesa ser reconocido, solo busco
que la gente conozca mi trabajo.

Sin duda el domingo es mi día favorito para disparar."

Translation: "Hello! My name is Cesar Cordero and I am from Costa Rica. I am not a professional photographer but I feel like a photographer. I don't have photos of myself on Instagram because I am not interested in being recognized; I only find people that know my work.

Without a doubt, Sunday is my favorite day to shoot."

Note: With the permission of Mr. Cordero, this interview was translated from Spanish to English. 

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When and how did you become a photographer? 

When I was 15 years old my dad bought a Sony Cyber-shot 10,1 megapixels for family memories, which was my first contact with a camera. In 2011, I initiated my passion for photography: I took photos of the dark and I published them on Instagram. That year, I discovered and I don't have an account, but I wasted the horas looking at photos. I remember that I always saw the work of a Costa Rican photographer; I think his name is Minor Cortes and he was a great inspiration for me. 

Perhaps in 2015, I fell in love with minimalism and my first follower of this style was @fernsehturm_. His work is marvelous and inspired me a lot; I started to take similar photos, you know. 


What cameras do you prefer to use?

Mi cámara digital y mi flash son mis mejores amigos (haha) siempre camino solo
buscando nuevos lugares para hacer unos disparos. Mi lente favorito es un 50mm
realmente lo amo, súper nítido, el bokeh es suave especial para retratos, por cierto
debería iniciar una serie de retratos.


Who are your favorite photographers? What influence do they have on your photography? 

William Eggleston, Stephen Shore , Joel Meyerowits, George Byrne, Fred Herzog. Of course, all of the people that I follow on Instagram are my inspiration every day. Eggleston is my favorite photographer. His composition and use of photography to color definitely is genius. 

Instagram is very important for my photography. I have a better eye inspired by many people, having my own style, I still continue looking for new techniques of editing and composition. 

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How would you describe your style of photography?

Okay I define my work with one word: SIMPLICITY. 

Are there projects that you are completing or want to do? 

I want to sell prints, I want to work with other people on Instagram. I have a series in progress and I should not be lazy with my post-production. 

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