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Laura Van Snick


Meet Laura Van Snick- a designer, model, and photographer from Brussels, Belgium. 

I was born and raised in Brussels, Belgium. I grew up in an artist family where I got confronted with using art as a way of expressing yourself at a very young age. Now I live in the center of Brussels and combine my graphic design with photography and modeling.

I’ve been always inspired by the beauty in the ugliness of a big capital. Brussels is a beautiful city but it’s eclectic, not only in its architecture but also in its politics and people. I get my inspiration in small daily life things: peeled off posters, trash on the street, random conversations, a night stroll in the never-ending streets of Brussels. I design by an impulse, something I saw, or felt that day. For me, designing is not really a process more an expression. You can see it as a visual diary.


For me, contrast is the most important aspect in art. Besides graphic design I’m also studying photography. I shoot film not only because of the whole process behind it but in my opinion- the colors and the atmosphere are so different, it can capture the realism of the situation very well, I call it surrealist realism. 


Designing for me is not only about esthetics. Inform yourself about your surroundings. Do research and get inspired by the smallest things in life. Don’t stop educating your self. The world (of design) is developing very fast. Don’t get overwhelmed by it.

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