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Finnish Countryside

Konsta Ryosa

Konsta is a photographer and an architecture student based in Tampere, Finland. He focuses mainly on night photography.

What is your favorite thing to do besides photography or design?

There’s lots of stuff I love to do. I love cooking, watching movies, drawing or playing video games. Recently I’ve started working with 3D-modelling and I find it very inspiring that I can create whatever I want digitally.

Favorite color?

Indigo blue. I usually go for a walk when the sun is starting to set, and the sky slowly changes its color to blue and the stars start to shine. It’s my favorite moment of the day.



If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

I really like the place I live right now, but I’d like to travel more and live for a year or two somewhere else. At the moment I’d like to live somewhere remote and to just focus on photographing that place. Right now I live in Tampere, Finland and I do a lot of weekend getaways to a countryside nearby. There is something so calm and relaxing about long walks in the countryside.

Favorite place to shoot?

Right now I mostly focus taking photos at my home village in Sastamala, Finland. I’ve photographed the same locations countless of times, but I still keep waiting for even better light and even better weather conditions. I really enjoy travelling as well, it’s refreshing to see completely different looking places after photographing the same location for a while.



When and how did your journey as an artist begin?

I started drawing in high school after I decided that I want to become an architect. After I got into the school I started taking a lot of photos. I think painting and drawing really have helped me with understanding basic compositions, color and such. I really got into photography and I invested more and more time into it. After that, I found an old Canon T70 film SLR and decided to shoot a roll of Fuji 400 with it. I loved the results and continued to shoot with film. These days I enjoy shooting both digital and film, both have their good sides but I think film has really helped me to learn photography by slowing down the process. I also enjoy the simple approach to photography with film cameras.

What camera(s) do you prefer to use?

Canon A-1 is my favorite at the moment. It is simple, beautiful, is super affordable and it does
everything a camera is supposed to do. I enjoy carrying it around with me everywhere I go.. I love medium format as well, and when I’m not being lazy I carry around my Mamiya RZ67.






Could you describe a bit about the type of photography/design do you pursue?

I feel like my interests in photography are changing all the time, but these days I mostly want to capture landscapes. It’s really interesting to capture a small story or a scene to a picture, but I find it really difficult to frame the whole feeling or the mood that the place I’m shooting has at that moment.

What is your greatest source of inspiration?

I find inspiration in all kinds of things - movies, games, books or music. But because of I mainly focus on photographing nature, the surrounding nature is a constant source of inspiration to me. The weather and the time of year of course set the limits of what I can photograph at that time (for example I cannot shoot starry skies in Finnish summer) I usually have these kind of scenes that I keep returning to, but the most boring part is that I need to wait for the perfect moment so I can get a photo out of it. I think these kind of “projects” that I’m just waiting to happen keeps me motivated, and I’m always excited when that perfect weather of heavy fog arrives. Other photographers of course are important part of my inspiration, and I love to see other photographers work every day.

You can see more of Konsta's works on his Instagram and website

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