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a series by Ulysses Lizarraga

Native to Tijuana, Mexico, Ulysses is a Los Angeles based artist and engineer. His latest series is based on the spontaneous observation of found objects in industrial and commercial settings in the fringes of Los Angeles.

About the Series

This ongoing untitled series is rooted primarily in formalism. My aim is to create an aesthetically cohesive language in the context of formal elements, that I can later refer to in order to create stronger visual narratives for my other work as an artist.

About Ulysses

When and how did your journey as a photographer begin?


I got into photography because of my father, who used to be a photographer himself. He started his career doing aerial photography for the Mexican government back in the 70s, and after that, he opened up a small studio where he would do commercial stuff, shooting quinceañeras, weddings, and what-not. My parents used to give my siblings and me disposable cameras to shoot with. The first roll of film I shot was when I was 5 at an easter egg hunt kindergarten field trip. During my teen years, I was so involved with the family business that I dreaded photography and instead decided to set my creative outlet in painting and music, often creating work that was deeply rooted in minimalism and formalism. Eventually, in 2015, I retook photography and have not stopped since.

What camera(s) do you prefer to use?

Mamiya 6.


What is your greatest source of inspiration?

This is a pretty hard question to answer, but lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about apophenia and the impact it has in my practice as a photographer.

What photographers have influenced your work?

Aaron Siskind, Harry Callahan, Ray Metzker, Moholy-Nagy, Ellsworth Kelly, David Lynch, essentially pretty big bad monsters. Also, Miami based artist, George Christopher Echevarria’s work which is pretty radical.


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