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A Drive Thru America

About Maxime


Born in 1985, Maxime Crozet is an audiovisual technician. It was with his big thirst for escape, freedom, knowledge and adventure that he left France in 2007, consumed by a personal project of his: to go around the world by traveling mostly overland by all possible means of transportation. He crossed Europe, Asia and Oceania, eventually returning to France two years later. In 2011, Maxime decided to relaunch the great adventure but sticking with the same main idea: the road. He spent nine months on his way to Africa, by crossing Europe again and
the Middle East. He then toured the Dark Continent for sixteen months before returning slowly to France. Since then, Maxime keeps on traveling to different horizons, often for long uninterrupted months. His photographic work became more and more important and his primary
intention is to deliver as it is moments of truth and elsewhere. Close to reportage, he moves away from the set to focus on unit, oscillating between intimacy and distance. He uses light equipment for his shots and favors natural light.


About A Drive Thru America


With a well-fed imagination and an inexhaustible thirst of elsewhere, I traveled to the south-west of the United States. These images are related to the « road trip », to guitar notes that have accompanied me for a long time, to America, to its silences, to its endless miles and lonely lines, to its motels with dubious atmospheres, to its sheriffs at the edge of straight and sometimes dusty roads... In short, a travel diary where the American life is revealed in sharp relief under the clear, harsh light of the dry desert skies. On my own, I swallowed the miles, drove from gas station
to gas station, I crossed ghost towns and soulless city centers, saw beings in distress. Bewitched, I walked in film landscapes, by the rhythm of Blues that forms the shadow of my path. Binding me to myths, winds, spaces and freedom ... feelings that are certainly anchored in each of our wandering minds.


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