Photographing Art Museums


Photograhing Art Museums

by Ella Cho

Ella Cho is the co-founder of The Visual Voices and The Visual Voices Magazine. Follow her on Instagram @lifedoings

From bright-colored paintings to effulgent sculptures, it is inevitable that modern art museums have become playgrounds for photographers in recent years. Nevertheless, as art museums have gained popularity, we tend to see the same photos of the same exhibits over and over again. To avoid such repetition, here are some tips on how to produce unique content and while making the most of your trip to the local art museum. 


Perspective is key. 

As many people photograph the same works of art, try to photograph them in a different way. What would the art look like from the side? Upside down? What would the photo look like in black and white? In high saturation? Experimenting with different techniques will not only portray your creativity, but will also allow you to produce unique images.


Play with scale.

Playing with scale will allow you to choose what part of the art you would like to feature, whether it be the entire work or a small detail of it. Manipulation of scale will also enable you to play with the lighting and shadows cast upon or created by the art. 


Add to the art.

Whether it’s your hand, your family member, or a model, adding another layer to the art will enhance your photo and display your creativity as a photographer.




The Broad / Los Angeles


MoMA / San Francisco


National Gallery of Art / Washington D.C.


Whitney Museum / New York

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