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Chi Nwosu

Could you introduce yourself and your background as an artist?

Hi! I’m Chi Nwosu and I’m a visual artist based in Chicago, IL. I’ve been an intentional creator for going on a decade. I’ve always been a creative person, but it wasn’t until after college that I devoured art as a discipline, went through a roller coaster of “practice runs,” and began to build a career. Along the way, I owned my own clothing business, sold personalized stationery, and made some really, really bad logos. Currently, I work as an in-house designer and for the first time in my career, my personal interests and my day job are overlapping. It’s a really exciting time!


What is Line and Letter and what type of work do you do for it?

Line and Letter is my studio practice. I don’t like the idea of branding myself – but I can brand a thing if that makes sense. My work is focused on visual identity, branding, and content creation.


What is the most significant project you have worked on? Where did you find inspiration to pursue it?


I’m currently working on my first exhibition project. I’ve been mentally preparing for the past year to just do it! Finally, this year after swearing off my vices and picking up journaling again, I had an a-ha! moment and put my idea down to paper. The project is about my relationship to the world – exploring tension in the human body, objects, and human interactions. It’s partly an ode to my love of visual details and an exploration of my personal insecurities.

How would you describe your style and general aesthetic?

I love minimalism, color, graphic shapes, and simple details. I’m a huge sucker for monochrome and color-blocking thoughtfully mixed together to build a narrative.

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