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Artist Interview

Nana yaw Oduro

Could you introduce yourself, your background, where you live, and where you’re from? 

I’m Nana yaw oduro. A Ghanaian photo artist, poet and art director.

Describe your journey as a photographer. 

I have been photographing for close to 3 years since my university days where I dedicated sometimes to create what I was feeling within and my very ideas I wanted to see. Whenever I thought or think of something, there’s the urge to create it and make it a reality which is more fulfilling to me than anything in the world.


What camera do you prefer to use?

Mostly I use iPhones. 

What inspired you to pursue portrait photography? What is your biggest source of inspiration? 

Portrait photography is life. It is real. And very interesting. Personally, I have so many ideas and I feel more on a daily. So whenever I’m in my emotions and In touch with my thoughts, I decide to put them in reality. That’s when I get people to act what I’m thinking or feeling so I photograph them exactly to fit my ideas.


How would you describe your aesthetic?

I would say my aesthetic is refreshing and interesting and very real. I create what I feel and it’s so personal to me.

Follow Nana Yaw Oduro on Instagram, @the.vintage.mason. 

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