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By Gary Paitre

Gary Paitre is a digital arts director situated in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. 


When and how did your journey begin as an artist?

10 years ago ! I studied design and technology and quickly became an Art Director for Advertising agencies.

Where do you draw inspiration from?

I spend a lot of time on Behance, Dribble and Pinterest to find inspiration. Back in time, i subscribed to the IDN magazines, and sometimes, i love to read them and rediscover some very interesting works.



What is the general process you undergo to produce your films?

I love to grab my camera and shoot short sequences of things that look good. I try various angles, but always very short. I often think of my opening shot and ending and see the whole process as a patchwork.

Could you describe a bit of your film?

My films are vacation films. I try to capture the subjective feeling of a great moment and a point of view. I discovered that the journey sensation is well received and i’m trying to get the « story telling » portion more present.


What would you say is the biggest takeaway from your film?

The best moment for me is the incredible drone shot of Yosemite. This place was the most beautiful thing i’ve ever seen and that was an important moment for me to show.

What was one challenge you faced while creating the film?

The biggest challenge is editing. With over 30 hours of rushs, it’s pretty hard to cut and keep a couple of minutes.

What projects are you looking to pursue in the future?

Storytelling. I love stories and build great narratives. I think travel videos could integrate that and feel more personnal.

Follow more of Gary's work on his website, Behance, and Twitter. 

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