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Lisa Beggs

Lisa Beggs is a traveling photographer living full-time on the road since 2015. After studying Commercial Photography and Dance at Ohio University, she moved to New York City where she began shooting. She worked half a decade in the photo industry, then hit the road for a mindful nomadic lifestyle. While touring her country, she has been capturing landscapes and portraiture in a fresh poetic way to depict the US and beyond.


Textures is an ongoing series revealing patterns found in different landscapes across the US. I have been living on the road for three years and have been completely inspired by the slow evolution of nature. To get a real sense of a region, I immerse myself in personally desired locations and focus on the finer details of what makes up a place. Selecting frames from varying scenery and placing them together exposes a simultaneous contrast and flow. The connection between these repetitions is a texture that is seen, juxtaposed in a way that can be felt.


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